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High Performance Thermo Scientific Q Exactive - Julie Horner

from Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry Solutions

High Performance Thermo Scientific Q Exactive - Julie Horner
Speaker: Julie Horner

See the new Thermo Scientific Q Exactive that can conduct three experiments at once -- identification, quantitation and confirmation -- in a quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer that is fully compatible with UHPLC separations. Learn how you can identify, quantify and confirm more trace-level metabolites, contaminants, peptides and proteins in complex mixtures in one analytical run. This innovation offers an affordable, more sensitive alternative to Q-Tof and is ideal for applications such as food safety and forensic toxicology that use general extraction methodologies that result in complex sample matrices for subsequent analysis by LC-MS. With the Q Exactive, laboratories can identify more proteins, more metabolites and more contaminants with greater confidence.

about 7 years ago

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