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Herceptin - the first monoclonal antibody treatment for cancer

from Understanding Animal Research

This presentation outlines the research and development that led to Herceptin, the first effective monoclonal antibody treatment for breast cancer. Herceptin is a classic example of a medicine that could only have been created with animal research as Herceptin was developed using rats, mice, hamsters and macaques. The journey started when the HER2 protein was discovered in tumours of rats in 1982. In 1985 monoclonal antibodies were used to successfully target HER2 in mice. Then in 1987 the discovery of human breast cancers with high HER2 levels opened the possibility that monoclonal antibodies could form the basis of a treatment. A power-point version of this presentation can be downloaded from our website in the document resources section:

about 6 years ago

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