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Cavro Centris Pump

from Tecan Group Ltd.

A new level of accuracy and precision low volume accuracy and precision saves precious reagents robustness and eliability results in long life and less maintenance broader dynamic range. The Cavro Centris Pump is a compact syringe pump module for use in OEM laboratory instruments, setting new standards of accuracy, reliability and precision. It offers a broader working volume range from a single syringe size compared to other similar pumps, enabling you to do more with one pump than ever before. The Cavro Centris Pump achieves superior accuracy and precision through its elegant drive mechanism, and features long-life ceramic components, unique in a syringe pump of this design. With these novel design features, the pump achieves a broad dynamic range across several orders of magnitude. The pump’s high efficiency stepper motor and drive mechanism enable excellent liquid handling performance at small volumes, yet still have the necessary speed and power to achieve high volume performance. In addition, programmable flow rates from under 5 nl/s up to 5 ml/s ensure performance across a broad application range. The Cavro Centris Pump’s simple and rigid mechanical design with fewer moving parts ensures reliability, so the pump is relatively maintenance-free and expensive downtime is kept to a minimum. With precision-paired long-life ceramic parts, there is almost no resistance or wear, resulting in unbeatable longevity compared to conventional syringe pumps. Customized parts and optimized motor drive electronics have resulted in whisper quiet operation, especially for slow dispense applications. The compact dimensions of the Cavro Centris Pump give it the smallest footprint of any OEM syringe pump, and the optional mounting kit provides maximum flexibility for easy hardware integration. The Cavro Centris Pump is UL recognized (standard UL61010A-1) and bears the UL designation label.

about 8 years ago

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