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34 position N-EVAP® Nitrogen Evaporator | Organomation

from Organomation

The 34 position nitrogen evaporator provides the classic features of the N-EVAP, but with additional capacity and digital controls. For 2019, we are proud to release a brand new version with several key enhancements based on customer feedback that should please current and prospective users alike. Our large capacity N-EVAPs come standard with a reliable water bath that provides uniform heat to samples. The redesigned model has an improved heating system which allows the bath to reach the desired temperature more quickly while providing consistent performance at lower temperatures. The new quick drain feature allows the user to empty the water bath in as little as two minutes with the press of a button, providing a convenient way to ensure optimal performance. Users can adjust and monitor the bath temperature with precision by utilizing the LED temperature controller. The new sleek design with the control box merged to the bath saves about 13% lab bench space compared to previous models. An internally installed pressure reducing gas regulator automatically limits the max PSI of the instrument, making operations safer. Samples can be easily inserted and removed from the front of the instrument due to the dual band spring circular design. The unique sample holder is able to accommodate a wide variety of popular vial sizes between 10-30 mm in outside diameter. The 34 position N-EVAP is a perfect fit for environments, such as professional laboratories where multiple samples must be processed at the same time. Similar to our classic N-EVAPs, the user is in full control of the nitrogen flow delivered to each sample due to our chrome plated needle valves. Quickly drain you water bath and not your budget with Organomation’s newly redesigned 34 position N-EVAP. Contact: +1 (978) 838-7300 Music:

about 1 year ago

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