Process Efficiency, Target Cannabinoid Method Modulation, Whole Plant Extract Fidelity



December 13, 2019

Today’s cannabis market is a challenging field to navigate regardless of the state or country in which you operate. California, being the largest and most competitive market in the U.S. is perhaps more challenging than most. Manufacturing companies in particular feel constant pressure to find profits under constrictive lending terms and payback periods, not to mention, perform herculean feats of paperwork within an ever-evolving regulatory structure, all the while relying on an analytical sector that is, to put it gently, inconsistent, as they too operate under their own set of pressures and limitations. Given this tumultuous topography, how does one go about conducting the research and development that is critical to staying competitive now and in the future? Is it advisable this early on in the game to dive deep or is it better to find faith in your hypotheses in order to weather the tempest of immature market turnover and save the deep dives for calmer seas? How do you stay in the game long enough to get to do the really interesting stuff? In this presentation, Brian shares some of the experiences BAS Research has had, the methods and tactics that they have developed to face these challenges and survive the storm while positioning themselves to thrive in a maturing cannabis market.

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