Cannabinoid Purification Using CPC



December 17, 2018

Recent changes in the legal status of Cannabis compounds for medicinal use, as well as the decriminalization of marijuana in some locations, has led to increased interest in purification, formulation, and detection of CBD and others cannabinoids.

Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) can be used to purify cannabinoids from crude extracts of Cannabis in just one step. Purification parameters can be adjusted according to which cannabinoids are targeted or the desired purity level to achieve THC-free extracts, pure cannabinoids, pharmaceutical-grade products, or standard molecules for use as reference materials or for clinical evaluation.

Gregoire Audo, Director of Portfolio Management, Purification Business Line, Gilson was speaking at The Science of Cannabis 2017 Online Symposium.

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The Science of Cannabis 2017 Online Symposium

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