Accurate and Reproducible Inline Dilution with Process-Scale Chromatography Skids



March 13, 2017

"For more information, visit Inline dilution is a convenient feature of process chromatography systems to reduce size and quantity of buffers tanks. This method allows inline dilution of concentrated buffers up to 10X with water supplied from a water loop, thus allowing the volume of buffer tanks to be reduced by ten times. Also, very often different steps of the process chromatography purification involve the same chemical solution at different concentrations; thus, ""inline dilution"" allows these steps to be performed with the same concentrated buffer tank. Inline dilution can also be used to condition the product sample just before loading onto the column. The precision of the inline dilution and flow control are paramount to ensure a reliable and reproducible purification from run to run. These criteria are usually considered to be Critical Quality Attributes for the process. Bio-Rad offers best-in-class inline dilution control based on high-precision flowmeters and positive displacement pumps, which provide a total solution compared with alternative instruments. Presenter: Sébastien Lefebvre is the hardware sales support manager in the Process Chromatography Division, Bio-Rad Laboratories. He received his Engineer degree in Mechanics at Compiègne University of Technology (France) and his Engineer and Master's degrees in Biology at Polytech University (France). He has 19 years of experience in process development. Since 2001, he has been Technical Manager and Sales Support Manager for Bio-Rad Process chromatography hardware. He is the co-author of three patents in process chromatography."


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