How to Design Hydrolyis Probes for qPCR



March 13, 2017

"What's the optimal melting temperature for a hydrolysis probe? How long should your probe be? And why should you avoid 5' guanines like the plague? This episode answers these questions and gives you five simple tricks for designing the perfect hydrolysis probe. Want to skip probe and primer design? Visit to learn more about our expertly designed and validated PrimePCR™ Gene Expression Assays. We hope this video addresses your questions; for more information or to suggest topics for future LabNotes episodes, please subscribe to our BioRadLifeScience YouTube channel and leave a comment in the comments area. For questions about Bio-Rad products, contact Bio-Rad Technical Support:"

Analytical Techniques

qPCR Assay Design

Bio-Rad Laboratories- 1 / 5

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