Advancements in Automated Sample Preparation, STR-PCR, and CE Detection for Rapid Nucleic Acid Analysis on an Integrated Microfluidic Platform



October 16, 2013

There is a strong drive within the forensic science community to improve the speed, cost, portability, and reliability of forensic DNA evidence processing. This path toward integration will allow for rapid suspect identification and detention at the point of contact. The authors present an integrated DNA analysis platform for fully automated “swab-in profile-out” evidence processing. This self contained device eliminates the need for highly trained forensic personnel and reduces the possibility of run-to-run contamination. The authors demonstrate automated workflow processing of solid-phase biological samples on a real world size scale; quickly extracting genetic biomaterials, performing 17-plex STR-PCR amplification, and delivering the amplicons to downstream multiplexed CE detection. The unique hurdles associated with obtaining rapid high quality genetic analysis across multiple loci and sample types are discussed and recent developments are presented.

Cell ScienceMicrobiologyMicrofluidics

Lab on a Chip World Congress 2013


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