Cationic Nanoparticles for Cancer Chemotherapy



April 30, 2013

Nanoparticles are promising delivery systems for the local or systemic application of anticancer drugs and active molecules with bioavailability problems. As a result of their favourable size distribution, nanoparticles can be targeted to tumor tissues via the Enhanced Permeation and Retention (EPR) Effect. In this sense, active targeting of anticancer drugs may also be achieved by surface modification of the nanoparticles. Positive surface charge affects the intracellular drug delivery and cellular uptake of nanoparticles due to improved interaction with biological membranes. Potential of cationic nanoparticles will be discussed in view of in vitro, cell culture and in vivo data.

Drug DiscoveryGenomicsInformaticsMicrofluidics

Nanomedicine 2013


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