Foam Analysis

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All-round scientific characterization of foam | DFA100


Foam in everyday products as well as technical applications appears in manifold forms and is often produced on purpose, but can also be undesired. Our Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100, the most sophisticated measuring instrument of its kind, helps to optimize foam for specific uses or to identify methods to effectively avoid it. The DFA100 characterizes almost every aspect of foam, such as foamability of liquids, the stability of foam, its liquid content, and even the number and real size of its bubbles. Putting this range of methods into practice with impressive ease of use of hardware and software, the DFA100 is a modular instrument with elements that can be flexibly combined. A wide range of accessories, e.g. for different foam production methods, temperature control and easy cleaning, make the DFA100 a unique instrument for analyzing the diverse properties of foam.

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Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100 –

about 3 years ago

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