Frequently Asked Questions

What does this symbol mean?
The drag symbol This symbol indicates that a section can be dragged to reveal more content.
How do I follow a channel?
Click on the user name below any video to access the user's channel.
At the top of each channel there is a '+ FOLLOW THIS CHANNEL' button.
When you follow a channel, new videos added to it will appear on your personalised LabTube homepage.
How do I make a playlist?
Find a video you would like to add to a playlist.
Underneath each video there is a '+' button.
Click on the playlist that you would like to add the video to.
You can also make new playlists from this panel.
Can I upload a video on any topic?
Be original, be informative, be amusing, but remember LabTube is for the scientific community, so please keep it science themed.
We will not accept any indecent, offensive or illegal material.
What file types do you accept?
.avi .mpeg .wmv .flv .mov .mp4 .mpg
The maximum file size is 2000 MB
Can I play a LabTube video on my own website?
Yes. From a video you are playing, click the arrow in the top left of the picture, then click on Embed. Paste the code into your website HTML to embed the video.
Can I share administration of a channel with my colleagues?
Yes. You can allow other LabTube users to share your channel by clicking the 'Manage Users' button from your channel page.
Can I add closed captions to my video?
Yes. After uploading your video, go to your videos page and click the 'Edit' button. In the closed caption section you can upload your closed caption file which must be in the VTT format.
I accidentally deleted my video, can I get it back?
Please contact us and we will try to restore your video.
I don't know my password
Please enter your email address via our password reset link. You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password.
I can't register. The page says "Email already in use".
You already have an account with us (possibly via a partner site). Please enter your email address via our password reset link. You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password. You can then login to your existing account.
I received an email from LabTube, how do I change my email preferences?
Please login to the site and you can update your interests, subscriptions and personal details via your profile page.
Or simply click the unsubscribe link from the bottom of the email.
How can I insert symbols in my video title/description?
To insert symbols into your submission you will need to use one of our tags. Doing so will ensure that your video is displayed correctly on the LabTube website.
For example: If you wanted to use the Greek letter β you would simply use the tag [gb/] in place of the β symbol.
If you wanted to use superscript you would use the tags [sup] and [/sup]. Eg. [sup]2[/sup] would become 2
The full list of tags are shown below:

Tag Conversion
[ga/] α
[gb/] β
[gc/] χ
[gd/] δ
[ge/] ε
[gf/] φ
[gg/] γ
[gh/] η
[gi/] ι
[gj/] ϕ
[gk/] κ
[gl/] λ
[gm/] μ
[gn/] ν
[go/] ο
[gp/] π
[gq/] θ
[gr/] ρ
[gs/] σ
[gt/] τ
[gu/] υ
[gv/] ϖ
[gw/] ω
[gx/] ξ
[gy/] ψ
[gz/] ζ
[b]example[/b] example
[sub]example[/sub] example
[reg/] ®
Tag Conversion
[gA/] Α
[gB/] Β
[gC/] Χ
[gD/] Δ
[gE/] Ε
[gF/] Φ
[gG/] Γ
[gH/] Η
[gI/] Ι
[gJ/] ϑ
[gK/] Κ
[gL/] Λ
[gM/] Μ
[gN/] Ν
[gO/] Ο
[gP/] Π
[gQ/] Θ
[gR/] Ρ
[gS/] Σ
[gT/] Τ
[gU/] Υ
[gV/] ς
[gW/] Ω
[gX/] Ξ
[gY/] Ψ
[gZ/] Ζ
[i]example[/i] example
[sup]example[/sup] example
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