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Laboratory automation - the key skill

from mcarvalh

Do you want to become a more efficient laboratory technician? Do you want to save money in your laboratory? Do you want to solve problems in your laboratory in an easier and cheaper way?
If you said yes to any of those questions, than SCRIPTING is for you.
Learn everything you need about scripting for laboratory automation here:

Song: Parmafrost by Danosong, obtained in 2014 when still free.

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Photo by dream designs

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Leadership And Business Vision Stock Photo
Photo by David Castillo Dominici.

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Close Up Of Electronic Circuit Board With Processor Stock Photo
Photo by koko-tewan.

Image ID: 10017512
3d Puzzle Piece Stock Photo
Photo by jscreationzs

Image ID: 100268391 
Young Female Researcher Stock Photo
Photo by somkku9.

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Four Easy Balloons Show Simple Promos And Convenient Buying Opti… Stock Photo
Photo by Stuart Miles.

Photo by posterize.

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Businessman Choosing The Right Person Stock Photo
Photo by SOMMAI.

about 4 years ago

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