IMEYMAT: Institute of Research on Electron Microscopy and Materials
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IMEYMAT Overview

from IMEYMAT: Institute of Research on Electron Microscopy and Materials

IMEYMAT is an initiative of the University of Cádiz to support and boost research, transference of technology and spin-off activities, in addition to specialized instruction and training, in the fields of materials and their applications. A Center of Excellence with international recognition and more than 15 years of tradition as a UCA Research Unit. Our researchers make studies of materials by advanced methodologies performed on cutting-edge equipment having them all together a value over 25M€. IMEYMAT is a virtual space which serves to its tens of members as a platform to identify new opportunities of cooperation and financing, by promoting development of collaborative R&D+i projects.. For our investigations, Scanning (SEM) and Transmission (TEM) Electron Microscopy are often of a great importance. UCA is recognized as a reference in Electron Microscopy by the value of its instrumental facilities; the capabilities, expertise, high-impact productivity of its researchers; and its network of contacts with world-wide leading groups working in such family of techniques. This singularity is considered as the more distinctive feature of IMEYMAT. The goals of IMEYMAT are both specialized and interdisciplinary: EM procedures are used and developed plus routines for interpreting the EM results, and at the same time other complementary techniques are applied; various types of materials with multiple applications are analyzed, and training on their knowledge is received and given; experts on Solid State Physics and Chemistry, and of Materials Science and Engineering operate on a synergic way. We advance by joining and sharing efforts, resources and ideas, open to collaborate with other researchers and technologists from public centers and industry professionals, meeting both an international vocation and a local and regional development commitment. It is our aim to generate master or doctorate schools as far as pre- or post-doctoral training networks in the frontiers of the knowledge of the science and technology of materials.

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IMEYMAT: Institute of Research on Electron Microscopy and Materials
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