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Torx™: Your platform for small molecule discovery chemistry

from Cresset

However you refer to it, 'Design-Make-Test-Analyze' or 'Design-Synthesize-Test-Analyze', all small molecule chemistry teams go through a common process: design molecules, make or synthesize compounds, then test and analyse the results before the next iteration; it’s the mantra of chemistry teams all over the world. Medicinal and synthetic chemists, and discovery program managers, on small molecule chemistry teams have to align many aspects of the molecule design process. Design, review, prioritization, resource allocation and scheduling are all separate parts of a complex process that can lead to productivity bottlenecks and slow the whole team down. Torx removes these bottlenecks by reimagining the end-to-end process to find a more team-friendly, productivity-centric approach. Torx is a visual, chemistry aware, single web-based platform that will inspire your discovery chemistry teams to work together and deliver faster.

about 4 months ago

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