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CETONI - Laboratory automation modules


System-Oriented High-End Solutions for Research and Production

Based on its range of ultra-precise and pulsation-free neMESYS syringe pumps and expanded by a full line of modular Qmix micro-reaction devices, CETONI has the answers to all your fluid actuation and manipulation needs. From small flow rates (picoliter/min) to high pressures (1500 bar), from fluidically simple continuous flow or Lab-on-a-Chip applications to programmed reaction evaluation tasks. From precise, selective irradiation ceLED LED arrays up to compact and versatile AXYS positioning systems, full automation of all available hardware is ensured via the comprehensive and clear lab automation software QmixElements or external programing libraries.
And if you are missing functions specific to your application: Customizations are always welcome at CETONI.

The video demonstartes how to build up a fully satisfying micro reaction system by using some famous CETONI products:

-neMESYS syringe pumps
-Qmix modules
-QmixElements software


about 4 years ago

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