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Automated Pharmaceutical Dosage Form Sample Preparation

from cambtek

[3 minutes 03 seconds]
A brief introduction to the Rapid Extraction System from CambTEK. It leads the field in automated solid-, semi-solid and liquid dosage form sample preparation, ahead of analytical testing, and improves quality control, productivity, process control, repeatability, and health & safety.

The Rapid Extraction System (RES) was designed for high-throughput analytical R&D and QA/QC laboratories, and prepares raw materials, APIs, intermediates, and finished products, for content uniformity, ICH stability, and impurities testing. A wide variety of solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms can be extracted, including tablets (both extended and normal release), capsules, powders, and gels.

Methods also exist for hard tablets, tamper resistant formulations such as PEG/PEO, prolonged release gel formulations such as HPMC, and laser-drilled osmotic tablets, which can be challenging even for manual methods.

The RES is a platform technology, standardizing processes irrespective of operator skill or geographic location. The extensive data produced for each extraction (including video) greatly aids OOS investigations and compliance, and the barcoded components give incontrovertible sample custody.

about 5 years ago

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