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How to Perform Protein and DNA Assays with BioTek's Quantitative Assay Apps

from BioTek Instruments

This How-To video tutorial takes users through the basic steps to get up and running with BioTek's Quantitative Assay Apps. The Quantitative Assay Apps are software applications with visual step-by-step, assay-specific tools that simplify and automate protein and DNA concentration assay workflows on BioTek's Multi-Mode and Absorbance Microplate Readers. Sample plate layout, data acquisition, curve fit generation, results calculations including normalization and target volume values are quickly defined and customizable for your needs. Data export and reporting is fast and easy. Although there are four different Quantitative Assay Apps (BCA, Bradford, Lowry, and Fluorescence DNA) the processes covered in this video are the same for all of them.

about 2 weeks ago

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