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How to label your primary antibody using Lightning-Link® technology

from Expedeon

Stop using secondary antibodies in immunoassays! Save time and materials by labeling your primary antibodies in under 20 min. For use in ELISA, Western blotting, immunochemistry, flow cytometry, and many other applications. Scientists love our Lightning-Link® kits because of the remarkable simplicity of the technology. Now they can open a Lightning-Link® Rapid kit, set up the reaction in 30 seconds before drinking their coffee, and start using the labeled antibody in their assay immediately afterwards. These kits can be used to label antibodies, proteins or peptides with available amine groups. For more information regarding this technology, please visit https://bit.ly/2N3E8jL Starting your very first immunoassay? Feel free to browse our free guides: https://bit.ly/2DywBtZ

about 2 months ago

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