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Peptide Evolution: A How-To Guide from Synthesis to Final Formulation

From cosmetics to medicine, there are various applications for peptides and proteins. These amino acid chains are often considered attractive therapeutic agents due to the possibility of creating tailored formulas for several applications. To formulate a peptide or protein, you need to perform a chemical synthesis using mainly a solution-phase synthesis (SPS) or a solid-phase synthesis (SPPS). However, due to these compounds' complexity, there is no universal solution, and each compound requires a tailored approach based on its different characteristics. Are you eager to discover which method is most suitable for formulating stable peptides? Join us for this episode of "Teach Me in 10" and delve into the following topics: • What are peptides and proteins? • How can we synthesize peptides and proteins? • What happens to peptides after synthesis? • How to handle this material after purification? • The various applications of peptides and proteins?

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