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ERDC Nano Abrasion Methods SOP

from ERDC Nano EHS

The present film was created by the US Army Engineers Research and Development Center in Vicksburg, MS for the Environmental Consequences of Nanomaterials focus area. Abrasion is an important consideration for the potential release of nano-particles during the service life of a nanotechnology. This SOP presents a general method for abrading a material using a rotating sample platform in contact with a weighted sandpaper fixture. Particles collected with these methods are analyzed with a condensation particle counter (CPC) and a fast mobility particle sizer (FMPS), with additional particles col-lected on in-line filters for further analysis. The abrading process is car-ried out in a particle-free environment and released particles are moved by a defined airflow from the chamber to the collection/analysis appa-ratus. Particle release is monitored real time by the CPC (10nm ­ >1 µm) and FMPS (32 particle size bins from 5-550 nm), and further characteri-zation of filter-collected particles can be accomplished post-testing.

about 5 years ago

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