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CentuRecon™: Accelerating the delivery of biologic drugs at high concentration.

XstalBio Ltd today announced the launch of CentuRecon™, a new patented reconstitution technology that has the potential to revolutionise the preparation of high concentration protein solutions from dry powders and make delivery faster and safer. Biologic drugs such as monoclonal antibodies are a major growth area for the pharmaceutical industry but their delivery by subcutaneous administration provides unique challenges. CentuRecon™ enables dry formulations of therapeutic proteins to be prepared for injection at high concentration in minutes, rather than hours, and produces foam-free solutions that maximise the deliverable dose. CentuRecon™ works well with standard lyophilised formulations and diluents and with normal vials, cartridges or dual-chamber syringes. It is particularly beneficial for very high concentration and/or viscous solutions that may need to be delivered with injection devices. Medical practitioners will find CentuRecon™ straightforward and cost-effective to implement with patients benefiting from fewer injections and shorter visits. Further developments are expected to make self-administration simpler and more convenient. XstalBio’s R&D Director, Barry D. Moore, commented “We believe CentuRecon™ is a game-changing technology; uniquely it provides a rapid, safe and reproducible method for preparing very high concentration protein solutions from dry powder formulations. We believe it will open up new clinical opportunities for biologics and become the reconstitution method of choice for R&D scientists. CentuRecon™ is a good example of how XstalBio’s R&D team are able to develop technologies that provide simple solutions to complex problems.” This patented technology is available for licensing from XstalBio. Please contact us at: centurecon@xstalbio.com, visit www.xstalbio.com or to talk to Dr. Marie Claire Parker by calling +44 141 330 3801.
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